Music City Invitational 2023

Music City Invitational 2023 Always more proud of my student Robin Jardina that she won all Rhythm single Dances , all smooth single dances and all Latin single dances Also: 1 place 2 multi dance smooth 1 place 5 dances […]


Nashville Starz 2023

⭐️⭐️⭐️NASHVILLE STARZ 2023⭐️⭐️⭐️Great Competition and atmosphere at NASHVILLE STARZ and I want to say super congratulation to my student Judy Plahn that after an year out of the competition she did an amazing job:🥇24 1st places🥈13 2nd places🥉09 3rd places🏆from quarter final […]


Kings Ball 2022

KINGS BALL 2022Is been a long weekend but in the same time a beautiful…..Congratulations to my student Robin Jardina , she did really an amazing job…unbelievable46 place10 place7 place She WON the WDSS 3 Dance challenge RhythmShe WON the 3 […]


Roanoke 2022

We had so much fun last weekend in Roanoke.We competed with our students and we also did the Pro Show in the night .Thank you so much Robin Gazzanigo Jardina Jardina and Paul Ariola for be part to our dance […]


USDC 2022

Finally I have time to write down something about this week in Orlando….It was our fist time at USDC the most big competition in USA …I can’t explain the feeling on this huge and beautiful floor so many emotions all […]


Dance With The Stars 2022 (Earlene Coyner)

DANCE WITH THE STARS 2022SUPER CONGRATULATIONS to my star Earlene Coyner she WON …..and she got TOP FEMALE and I got the TOP PRO.I’m very very proud of her , she did amazing job!!