I’m very proud of all my students.
They did very a great Job with awesome results!
Robin: 28 🥇1th place and 3 🥈2th place. Top 20 Student
Juliana: 11 🥇1th place
Jean: 22 🥇1th place
Cassandra: 8 🥇1th place , 5 🥈2th place , 1 🥉3th place the first time that she dance in silver category.

A big thank you to Mark Nocera for this virtual competition we received a great energy and both us and our students had a lot of fun☺☺☺. I wanted to congratulate my 2 students on their achievements
Mark Hendrickson Smooth scores 90/91/92 for his first competition 😍😍😍rhythm 10 🥇place great results ☺☺
Paul Ariola Smooth scores 91/92 for all dances rhythm 16 🥇1th place ☺☺very proud of you😍💃.
And they also are in to the TOP 20 students 😍😍😍 we are very excited about that too.
Me and Simone we place 🥉3th into the open professional 😍😊Simone also placed 5 top male teacher and me 12 place for top female teacher❤
Thank you so much for the dedication and love for the dance NEVER GIVE UP💪💪💪 looking forward for the next competition…

Thank you to the organizer Mark Nocera and Max Greenhouse for this amazing virtual competition!
Thank you to our amazing sponsor:
Paoul for the comfortable and super flexible shoes
DastStore for our great clothes
Ottante Cosmetics for fabulous makeup 💄

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