We had so much fun last weekend in Roanoke.
We competed with our students and we also did the Pro Show in the night .💃💃💃
Thank you so much Robin Gazzanigo Jardina Jardina and Paul Ariola for be part to our dance family and continue trusting on us!
Congratulations about the results: Robin she won TOP overall bronze advanced student and TOP overall Student Paul won TOP male bronze advanced student and also Simone Spadoni won the Top teacher !
Thank you Chuck Kozoyed for coming with us and gave us your support!! We really appreciate that💃😊 Thank you all the people that enjoyed our Pro Show!! We had so much fun.Thanks always to our sponsors Paoul Ottante Cosmetics @mgmmagma


A big special thanks is for our brother in law Riccardo Pacini for the amazing pictures he did for us and our students 😍❤️

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